You cover a number of roles: director of photography, gaffer, camera operator, 1st and 2nd camera assistants and grip (track and dolly). You are exposed to the highest standards of practice by some of the world’s leading directors of photography.

Cinematography is the Art and Science of Creating images,it is the art of Writing with Light.

Cinematography is the creation of motion picture images. It can involve the use of film or digital imagery, usually with a movie camera.

It is one of the most intresting job in which the Cinematographer brings out the imagination of person to picture,in other words the lines written on the papper are converted to reality..

Cinematography Courses: Duration of the course Three months - One year

  • Photographic Optics.
  • Human Eye Vs Camera.
  • Different types of Camerasand its function. (Film Cameras 16mm,35mm/Arri 16SR-2, 16SR-3 , ARRI435, ARRI535, & Alexa, Red One, Red Scarlet, Red Epic,5d and all the HD camers that are used in Telivision Production today.)
  • Camera Angle and Composition.
  • Types of shot.
  • Basic Properties of Light and its Characterstics
  • The Art of Lighting.
  • Light and Lighting Procedure,Studio lighting techniques
  • Use of Filters and Composition;Filters: Introduction, Its Effects
  • Exposure: Introduction,Factors affecting Exposure
  • Measurement of Light,Exposure Meter and its uses,colour temperature meture and colour correction filters
  • Types of Lens,Depth of Field,Perspective
  • Photosensitive Material and its Processing
  • Components of Motion Picture Photography.
  • Motion Picture Camera, Design and Drive Mechanism,Detail of Lens,Magazine,Viewing System,Support
  • System,Power Supply and Accessories.
  • Vision of Persistence
  • The Cinematographer and His Job
  • Outdoor Field Lighting
  • Raw Stock - Film.
  • Types of Camera Movement- Horizontal, Vertical, Crane, Jimmy Zib, Trolley, Dolly and Steady-Cam.
  • The Script and the Director of Photography.
  • Special Lighting to Creat mood and Emotion.
  • How to convert someone's imagination (dream) into Picture.
  • img72

    Picture of

    Mr Ravi K. Chandran is an Indian Cinematographer.He got Filmfare Award for the films Virasat and Black.



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    Screenplay and Direction.

    Film making
    The film making course;which covers all aspects of film making.

    Cinematography and Videography.

    Film and T.V. editing.

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