Moto of the Academy

Mumbai Digital Films Academy was founded on the philosophy that "learning by doing"combined with best industry practices is more valuable than years of theoretical study for filmmakers and actors. This educational model allows students to achieve more in less time than at all other film or acting schools in the world.The Mumbai Digital Films Academy film school programs are designed for a new generation of storytellers: visual artists who share a passion for motion pictures and want to learn by making their own projects in a hands-on, intensive program.

What makes the MDFA Unique ?

The Mumbai Digital Films Academy is an exciting and innovative venture in practical film training based in the hub of one of the world’s leading film capitals. MDFA runs professional-standard practical training in all the key areas of filmmaking. All tutors are working professionals.

Why you Should choose MDFA ?

So why choose a relatively new film school as compared to other film school across the world? The answer is simple. The MDFA punches above its weight and expects everyone who comes on the course to do the same. The MDFA is small and personable. It is about passion for film. It is about people. Film-making is one of the most team-intensive industries around. If you can communicate, co-operate, lead and imagine and think that your imagination can make some difference then , MDFA will always be at the back of you .


MDFA is an institute which has its own Production House.



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Screenplay and Direction.

Film making
The film making course;which covers all aspects of film making.

Cinematography and Videography.

Film and T.V. editing.

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